summer’s end

Robson Street Porches
The porches on Robson Street being dismantled.

I don’t want to sound like one of those autumn-obsessed people* who start shrieking about sweaters and pumpkins before September even starts but like… summer is SO OVER. The storm last weekend brought it to a screeching halt and it has been cloudy, cold and wet ever since. The other night it was so cold I wore wool socks to bed! When the sun makes the occasional brief appearance it gets really hot again, but only for like five minutes- just long enough for you to sweat to death in all your rain gear. Maybe the clouds will lift and it’ll be actually sunny and warm again but for now, it is so fall.

Taylor has been in San Francisco for a work conference all week (he gets back tonight). While he was away I didn’t want Gwen and I getting bored and frustrated with each other so I planned all sorts of outdoor excursion for us. Unfortunately the weather stymied most of them, so we mostly stayed close to home. We went for walks in the neighborhood, played in the park across the street, and splashed in many puddles. Even though we didn’t venture that far afield, Gwen’s newt suit & boots still got a helluva workout.

While we’ve been stuck at home I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done. I rearranged all the furniture in Gwen’s room AND cleaned out her closet, I’ve stayed on top of most of the housework, and I’ve been cooking lots of ACTUAL meals with REAL food. Over the summer I kind of let things slip a lot, but this week of unemployment by myself I’ve really tried to form some good habits. My hope is that if I get in the habit of cleaning properly and cooking when I’m not working then maybe once I am working I’ll keep doing it? That’s the idea at least.

*I put my September calendar page on my tumblr and tagged it “autumn” and it’s gotten more notes and reblogs than any other thing I’ve made and posted myself

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