the fair

fair ride

mini horse gwen

sno cone gwen

fair crowds

gwen & sym

taylor at the fair

deep fried oreo gwen

Before Taylor went to San Francisco he and I took the girls to the fair. Through some seriously poor planning we ended up going on free admission day so even though we got there before it opened it was SO BUSY! We went to see all the baby animals first before the barns got too crowded. Gwen loved it, especially all the bunnies and the baby horses. Getting food was total chaos and I ended up waiting for over half an hour for my chicken & waffles, which in hindsight seems idiotic but was actually worth it to see how much Sym and Gwen liked it (of course I shared). I’d planned on taking Gwen on some of the kiddy rides since she is tall enough now, but the lines for those were just absurd and she was starting to get pretty grumpy, so I guess we’ll try next year.

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