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While I’m unemployed I’m trying to really get this running-the-household stuff in order, the idea being that if I form all these good habits now, then once I’m back to work I’ll keep them up. (or maybe I’ll just be so good at it that Taylor will be like “o don’t worry about working at your job, you’re so much better at just being a SAHM!” lol ya rite). ANYWAY. While Taylor was away I tried my durnedest to cook actual meals for the girls and myself, and I’m DETERMINED to stick to it. Cooking, meal planning, grocery shopping for the planned meals and not going wildly off-list… all things I hate doing but things that need to get done nonetheless. On the weekend I planned out this week’s dinners, and so far so good…

Sunday cheese tortellini with tomato sauce, spinach & arugula salad
Monday panko-crusted chicken with mashed potatoes and honey-glazed carrots
Tuesday red pepper & black bean soup
Wednesday quiche lorraine with fried potatoes and tomato salad
Friday pierogis with roasted peppers and bacon
Saturday TBD

Sunday and Tuesday only Gwen, Taylor and myself were here for dinner so I kept those meals pretty simple and fast. Thursday will be the same, but that is poutine night for me & Taylor so Gwen will be having leftovers. The chicken I made on Monday was the first non-bacon meat I’ve cooked myself and been able to eat in months. I think the trick is to handle it as little as possible or I get grossed out by the texture. The soup on Tuesday was not homemade but I want to get back into making soups this fall. I did it a few times last year and it was p. cool having a stash of various soups in the freezer for nights when I didn’t want to cook. The quiche is something I made for the first time while Taylor was away. It was super easy to make and turned out SO GOOD. I felt bad that he didn’t get any (because I ate the whole thing…) so I decided to make it this week as well. Saturday is still TBD, normally Gwen would have leftovers and Taylor and I would have nachos, but Sym will be here this weekend (normally she’s at her dad’s on Saturdays). She can’t eat tortilla chips with her braces so having nachos for dinner seems cruel. Maybe tacos? Or burgers? I have a baked onion ring recipe I’ve been wanting to try out, that could go with burgers.

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