family dinner


Sunday roasted potato, carrot & butternut squash soup
Monday sweet & sour chicken and vegetable stirfry with rice
Tuesday breakfast for dinner
Wednesday cheesy baked tortellini and salad
Thursday POUTINE NIGHT/leftovers for Gwen
Friday honey & soy glazed salmon with broccoli & rice
Saturday TBD ofc

Can I talk for a minute about last week’s lasagne? IT WAS SO GOOD. In the end I didn’t really follow a recipe (do I ever?), partly because I didn’t want to deal with cooking ground beef (I’m still having that problem where I get grossed out by raw meat), and also I wanted to use up some leftovers. I made the meat filling with leftover chicken, chorizo, tomato sauce, roasted garlic and roasted peppers (I think that’s everything). It turned out really delicious, even Sym liked it and she’s super picky. The only thing I would change is I tried to make my life easier by using those oven-ready noodles that don’t need to be boiled, and I feel like they didn’t cook fully, especially on the top layer. Next time I will use regular noodles.

I planned this week’s menu on my own after Taylor went to bed and tbh I am feeling like I’m in a rut already, like rn I have rice on there twice? Is that lazy of me? Maybe, but I cannot think of anything else haha.

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