ten treasures

I skipped this post last week because I never got around to finishing it so this week you get double five faves, or ten treasures!

I updated my shop with some one-of-a-kind mini banners (one of which is pictured above), all priced at $15 or less!

A serious contender for Gwen’s birthday or Christmas present this year.

The Ghost Boat story on Medium is heartbreaking-slash-fascinating.

This Lazy Oaf x Caspar shirt is an actual portrait of my life.

Sad topography.

What an excellent early birthday gift this will be for me.

I want one of these little wolves from Small Wild SO BAD.


I really like the simplicity of this play mat for Gwen but I kind of want to paint my own? I’m considering a couple different flatwoven rugs for this project: a plain one in off-white, brown or green, or this patterned one in black.

lrgmtnplw trees cloud
Aaaaaand one more shop update: a large version of my grey suede & white leather mountain pillow!

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