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I’ve been feeling a little low (like sick, not depressed) so I slacked like mad on this week’s meal planning… in fact I’m doing it RIGHT NOW and I type up this post.

Sunday cinnamon raison toast with honey & apples
Monday BFD: scrambled eggs, bacon & toast
Tuesday chili & blue corn muffins
Wednesday beef stew with dumplings
Thursday POUTINE NIGHT/leftovers for Gwen
Friday mini pizzas prob
Saturday TBD ofc

Dinner on Sunday was SUPPOSED to be pasta. Taylor and I were out shopping that afternoon and I found these BLACK penne noodles I wanted to try. I served them with a white sauce & some little red tomatoes for ~visual impact~ but it was SO GROSS. The noodles were made from black beans and like… maybe you can make pasta out of black beans, but SHOULD you? The answer is no, because the result is nasty and gluey. Gwen refused to try it, I had two bites before noping away from the table and Taylor had one mouthful that he spat into the toilet. LESSON LEARNED igss // The same day I got the black penne I also got some blue cornmeal, which I’m going to use tonight to make cornbread muffins. Blue corn is still corn though, so I’m not worried about it // I was at the grocery store this morning with Gwen buying fruit, cereal and eggs and I suddenly had a craving for beef stew. I didn’t know which ingredients I had at home already though, so I decided to hold off on getting anything for it. I really want to make it tomorrow though // I forgot that Taylor’s mom was in town last week and was taking us all out for dinner on Friday night, so I postponed the little pizzas. We’ve been making them on this lil naan breads, mini naans for Taylor, Sym and myself and micro-mini naans for Gwen.

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    1. Meal planning is a total hassle! I was into it for a couple weeks but now I’m like… ughhhhhh, this is too much of a hassle. It just seems so unrewarding, like half the time things turn out weird or gross or inedible, and even if they are good, my rude children won’t eat the food I make for some ridiculous reason so it’s like WHY BOTHER.

      1. Haha. I feel you. I only cook for me and when I get home from work the absolute last thing I want to do is cook.

        I noticed you said you live in Vancouver? I’ve been dying to go back up there. What would you recommend seeing?

        1. Pretty much all of Vancouver is my fave. Stanley Park, the Seawall, Main Street, Gastown/Chinatown. All the beaches! I recently took Gwen out to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park for the first time and that was p. cool.

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