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I don’t think I posted last week’s meal plan but I did actually do one. I’m not 100% sure what all the meals I made were now (WEIRD) but I did make a chicken & rice soup using the previous week’s leftovers, and a meal with steelhead trout and baked potatoes that was pretty good. Can you believe I’d never made baked potatoes before? It’s because historically I’ve been such a disorganized scatterbrain that I would be running to the store for dinner ingredients at 5:30 and lord knows you can’t start baking a potato that late if you are trying to give your kids dinner at a reasonable time.

Sunday potato soup with green onions and emperor ham
Monday chicken tacos
Tuesday chili in sourdough bread bowls
Wednesday spaghetti & meatballs
Thursday POUTINE NIGHT/leftovers for Gwen
Friday mini pizzas on naan bread
Saturday n/a

The potato soup I made yesterday was SO GOOD. I don’t like it when it’s too textureless so I cut a potato and a half into 1cm cubes that I cooked separately and added to the main soup after it had been blended. I used a total of six large potatoes so I have a FRICKING TON of this soup in my freezer now, which actually sucks because Gwen refuses to eat it. I’m like “THIS IS MADE OF ALL THINGS YOU LIKE” but she was like NOPE. She would only eat around the ham, onion and little potato pieces so I guess she prefers a textureless soup.

The chicken tacos were supposed to be dinner last Friday but I was too tired/lazy/suffering-from-flu-shot-dead-arm to cook that night so it was postponed until tonight // I’m attempting to make my own meatballs for Wednesday using ground turkey, please pray for me // Saturday night is Taylor’s office holiday party so I only have to make dinner for the girls, maybe they can have some leftover potato soup? KIDDING.

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