Woodland Watercolour 2016 Calendar

etsy mini 2

Over this year a lot of people (okay two people) have asked if they could get a whole calendar from me, but the truth is I was making my 2015 calendar pages one at a time. For 2016 I decided to try to get the whole thing done at once and so this week I hunkered down and here it is: my Woodland Watercolour 2016 calendar! I’m selling it in my shop as a digital download so you get buy & print it in plenty of time for the new year, or even to give as a gift this Christmas.

etsy med 1

Available in 3 different sizes: full-page, medium and itty bitty, this calendar costs just $6 USD and comes with a free bonus “happy new year” print. Get yours here.

mini calendar etsy 3

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