five faves

It’s been a while! This week’s faves are all things I would be super pleased to get for my birthday in two weeks.

This Tales from Moomin Valley poster would fit perfectly in my house.

BOTH of my favourite pairs of boots totally disintegrated this winter, so I need something new that will last for ever and ever, like these classic Blundstones.

There was a sample of this Lvnea L’Alchemie perfume in my Christmas stocking and I am just IN. LOVE. with it and will definitely need a full-size bottle.

I would live in this Simka Sol Sonia Robe Dress.

Even though I have a cat of my own I still really want to check out the Catfe which opened here a few months ago… and on my birthday I will! I actually made the reservation during Christmas break, and February 5th was the first day they had space for all four of us (serendipity!).

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