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I have been LOVING this new ready-to-ship banners change I instituted in my shop earlier this month! I love not feeling bogged down with making the same banners every week, I love being able to ship orders so much faster, and I love love love all the extra time I have to work on different projects!

On the weekend I started embroidering a little grumpy fox and I just find it so fun and relaxing. I hadn’t really done any embroidery since I made the patches for Taylor’s anniversary gift two years ago, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it. I even like buying the embroidery thread; the subtle variations of the colours make choosing just the right shade fascinating AND they only cost sixty cents each (less with a coupon; I got the new oranges I needed for this fox for 45 cents each)! Combine that with how inexpensive the wooden hoops are and the fact that I’m upcycling the fabric from a torn pair of linen shorts and this is a very cheap hobby.

Bad news for poor lil Symmie: after two weeks having her palate expanded with a palate expander she went to the orthodontist to get it removed… or so she thought. Turns out that while we don’t have to adjust it anymore, she has to keep it in the whole rest of the time she has her braces! I feel really bad for her, it makes it hard to talk and hard to eat and it leaves a weird impression on her tongue that really bothers her. Thankfully she only has four months of braces left, or maybe less! Everyone cross their fingers that it’s less.

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    1. Thank you! I made my own simple pattern that I sketched based on a photograph. I tried to put it on the fabric using an iron-on transfer pen but it was kind of dried out (Gwen had taken the lid off at some point) so none of the details transferred properly and I had to draw those on the back of the fabric with a pencil.

  1. I have a perma-dent on my tongue from mine (don’t tell her that!), because my tongue just couldn’t leave it alone. Poor Sym, I sympathize greatly with her.

  2. Ah, poor Sym! I had a different type of palate expander (no key, it was all wire craziness) and it was so miserable. It made eating and talking so hard. I finally got my orthodontist to remove it because it was leaning deep, painful grooves in my tongue. I actually have a scar, in my TONGUE, 10 years after having my braces removed. If the impression on her tongue turns into cuts like mine did, maybe the orthodontist will reconsider.

    That fox is soooo good! Really impressed.

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