pajama party: flowers in space

Gwen is growing out of most of her pajamas again, all the size 3 two-pieces are getting very short and showing A LOT of tummy and she can’t wear the size 3 footies anymore at all. She’s even growing out of her teddy bear slippers! I actually found some size 4 pajamas from last summer when I was going through all her old clothes (how???) but they are shorties and it’s just not warm enough for them yet, especially since she insists on sleeping on top of the covers now. Inspired by the zinnias on the International Space Station, here are some cute new bedtime looks I’m eyeing for her for late winter/early spring:


lilac floral nightie // moon phase footies // star print top and leggings // planet print sleep set // periwinkle floral footies // navy floral sleep set // these are neither space- nor flower-themed but who can resist bunny booties!

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