five faves

A lil late is better than never, right? I’ve been really struggling with completing tasks this week and blogging is no different. However I have a super-important meeting coming up this week so NO MORE SLACKING ALLOWED.

When I am not so broke I rly want to get some patches from PONY PEOPLE.

Two of my fave tumblrs: Colorful Gradients and Daily Minimal.

I spent a good amount of time this week on Georgie got Pomeranian, Mark Fluffalo got Pomeranian. I’m a Sheltie, Taylor’s a Golden Retriever and Gwen got Dogue de Bordeaux:

Broad City is back next week, yaaas!

Food prices in Canada’s north are a serious issue, highlighted perfectly in this mock ad. Fun fact: last year I was reading posts on a facebook page about this problem and some dipwad actually said people should “just grow their own food!” like I don’t think you know how the GODDAMN ARCTIC CIRCLE WORKS???

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