life right now

01 branches

02 sunnies

03 bridge

04 wall

05 rainbow

06 driftwood

07 sky

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago; when I told Gwen we were going to the beach she immediately ran and put on her bathing suit from last summer and I had a doozy of a time convincing her that February was too cold for swimming.

making Not a lot. I have been very hard at work trying to get my shit together with regards to my REAL job and it has left me precious little time for much else (like blogging for example). I am still working on my suede & leather skull patches but suuuuuuper slowly; I’ve only finished two so far which is a little disappointing. I did make what I think is a GREAT mini banner this week: a lavender-to-black gradient that reads “NOT ONLY WILL THIS KILL YOU; IT WILL HURT THE WHOLE TIME YOU’RE DYING” except instead of a semi colon it’s a little lightning bolt. I’m trying to decide if I want to bother listing it in the shop- it’s so long that it’s difficult to photograph, especially in the current late winter gloominess of my basement apartment, and the number of characters makes the price $55 and idk if anyone in the world would buy it.

reading In the past few weeks I’ve bought and read cheap Kindle omnibuses of ALL the Anne of Green Gables books and ALL the Little House on the Prairie books. I started but didn’t finish both of these as a kid and I figured what the heck. You can get these for just a few dollars for the entire series and they are great bathtub reads (although the other night I was reading The Long Winter while waiting for Taylor to pick up food and it was Too Real).

watching I’m really not feeling anything that I’m watching lately. When I work I have been slowly dragging through Gilmore Girls but like… it’s a really bad show you guys. I’m only on season two because I hate it so much I keep giving up in disgust. Right now I’m just dying at what a terrible jealous red-flag waving control freak Dean is and like HOW can Lorelei encourage this relationship???? It’s terrible! Also I don’t understand why everyone thinks Rory is so smart and so great, bitch thinks AYN RAND is a good writer. Look, I read The Fountainhead and objectionable content aside, there is literally ONE sentence in the whole book that isn’t total trash, and it’s like a description of grass or leaves or something. NEXT.

loving I have the month off work and have been spending lots of quality time with Gwen, and it has been great. She is just a really good kid with a sweet little heart. Most mornings I get up with her and we watch Peppa Pig (her current fave) while she has milk and a snack, then “pway wos” (play Legos) until breakfast-and after breakfast-and all the time! She cannot get enough of her “wos.” In the past few weeks a lot of her sneaky, naughty behaviour has stopped, and I can leave doors open and cupboards unlocked without having to worry that she’s going to wreak havoc (sometimes) and she loves to help with things around the house- doing laundry, wiping counters, making coffee, microwaving. The only trouble is if you don’t let her help with this stuff (or you just forget and put a load of wash on without consulting her) she breaks down and cries like you’ve broken her heart, which you probably have. Shame on you.

planning How to get myself back on track, financially. I’m back to work in April and have enough new clients starting over the course of the spring that by June I will have more than QUADRUPLED my monthly income from what I made in January. This is a pretty big deal as I have been super broke for a super long time and I am really looking forward to not being in the bottom of my overdraft anymore.

wishing Spring would get here already!

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  1. I love Gilmore Girls, but I think 80% of fans thinks Rory is the absolute worst. And fyi the Girlmore Guys podcast is soooo enjoyable

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