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During my trimester of illness I really got out of the habit of blogging. Partly because I felt too sick and partly because since I hadn’t done my big ~reveal~ yet I couldn’t blog about being pregnant, and in being pregnant (and feeling sick because of said pregnancy) was basically my entire life… so what was there to blog about?

Another reason I wasn’t blogging much is because my poor old mid-2011 computer was really feeling her age. There was one week there in February or March (it all blurs together) where it was just SO SLOW and couldn’t handle doing anything. I couldn’t use my photo app to download pictures from my camera while Chrome was running, and FORGET photoshop. It took twenty minutes to open, five minutes to run a simple action, five minutes to save and another twenty minutes to close! And while it was very slowly doing these things I would have to walk away and do something else because I couldn’t even scroll down a webpage without pinwheeling. I have about zero dollars in my new computer or even new hard drive fund, so I worried the old girl was on her last legs. Luckily after about a week it mostly recovered and stopped acting so decrepit. EXCEPT for with photoshop, that still took FOREVER to do anything. Anyway my friend Sara posted on her facebook about having similar photoshop problems with her macbook, and one of her other friends suggested she upgrade her RAM. I was like OF COURSE, I need to do that too! So earlier this week I added 8 more GB to the paltry FOUR this computer has been running for the last five years and WOW. It’s like a whole new computer practically! It started up way faster and of course the first thing I did was open photoshop to time how long it would take, and it was less than a minute which LET ME TELL YOU was better than the TWENTY minutes it used to take. Now I feel like I should photoshop things all the time, haha.

It’s been a pretty great couple of weeks for Symphony; on Monday she got the palate expander from her braces taken out so she can talk and eat like a regular person again, she got her second term report card and she had made enough of an improvement in math that she’s being recommended for pre-calculus next year, which she needs to take if she is going to get into the grade eleven math class she needs to get into university, and she can finally hear again! Last year she mentioned to her dad that she was having trouble hearing out of her left ear, so he took her to the doctor who said she seemed to have a blockage in her ear canal. I took her to have her hearing tested and they agreed there was a problem, and when they asked how long she had been having trouble she said it had been since she went to Mexico, which was FIVE YEARS AGO. And she never said anything to us! Because it when she was a little kid she had to see a pediatric otolaryngologist so it took a few months to get an appointment, but when she finally saw one they fixed her ear that day! Her dad took her and she was given the option of two months of a foul nasal spray which might not help, or they could poke a lil hole in her eardrum and they could suck out all the blockage. She chose the latter and apparently the amount of crud that came out was UNBELIEVABLE and also super gross. The result though was that her hearing was IMMEDIATELY restored, to the degree that for two days she was accusing everyone around her of yelling. She has a follow-up appointment next month to check if her ear tube has remained clear but so far it seems fine. Here’s to hearing!

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