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A few weeks ago I discovered that Gwen had totally outgrown her carseat; we hadn’t used it since December and I was thinking she might be at the height/weight limit for rear-facing, which she was, but as it turned out the dumb seat had the same height/weight limit for forward facing! We hadn’t bothered to look at that when we bought it because we didn’t plan on using it for long. Finding a new one was such a huge hassle, we only use a car MAYBE once a month so we didn’t want to spend a billion dollars on it, but finding an affordable seat with a higher weight limit for forward facing was
harder than you’d think! A lot of the lower-priced ones have a weight limit of 40 or 50 pounds and Gwen already weighs like 42. She’s actually the size of a kindergartener and at three and a half is rapidly outgrowing all her size four clothes.

We’d been looking at a seats that convert from forward facing with a harness to a booster and not having much luck, but after discussing it with a manager at Babies ‘R’ Us she suggested it might be more cost effective to get a new rear-to-forward facing seat with a higher weight limit and then buy a separate booster when she is older. In the end I was able to find a 3-in-1 rear-to-forward-to-booster seat on sale that I think will be good. Gwen is already obsessed with it, wants to sit in while she watches tv and likes to give it hugs and pats and kisses, haha. We’re hoping to test it out in an actual car this weekend; I asked Gwen if she wanted to go on a “trip” in a car tomorrow and she is so excited, she keeps looking at the window and demanding “TRIP NOW. CAR NOW. GO NOW.”

Anyway, on to the faves…

five faves april 29 2016

I love weird wikipedia lists, my fave this week was this one of apple cultivars.

This dainty little opal ring would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift if anyone was looking for one for someone like maybe for example me. In a size 6.

You can get one of my all-time fave books and it’s two sequels for Kindle for less than $2!

This maternity jumpsuit is amazingly terrible and I think I might need it.

I clumsily tore a huge hole in my beloved by admittedly pretty ancient duvet cover last week so I ordered this pretty floral one to replace it. I REALLY want to get my bedroom finished and looking nice this year- in August I will have been in this apartment TEN YEARS and the bedroom is still unfinished.

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