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Gwen loves Pokemon Go too, she always wants to throw the pokeballs and spin the Pokestops for us. Her fave Pokemon is Clefairy, she calls it the “Pink Peppa Pig” one. Jigglypuff is the runner up for Peppa, and she also like Meowth (cat cute!) and Eevee (dog cute!).

I renamed all my Pokemon after my dog and I am pleased with the results (I’ve since replaced Georgie1 and Georgie2 with SuperGeorgie and MiniGeorgie, Eevees with higher CPs).

Sym managed to get her whole room packed up and cleared out (except for the furniture which is too heavy for her to move) and I’m like SUPER IMPRESSED. She got rid of three huge bags of trash, two huge bags of paper recycling and three huge bags of old clothes to donate. Everything else is packed and waiting to move into her new room, but I think she’s going to have to reduce the amount of stuff even more to fit everything.

My house is full of boxes and suitcases and new, unbuilt furniture. Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up a couple of packages, not realizing one of them was Sym’s new bedframe, which I then had to carry home by myself. OOPS. Now that Sym’s old room is empty (and she’s staying at her dad’s for the next week) we are going to fix the holes in the walls, repaint and move Gwen in. After talking to Sym she has said she’s fine with leaving Gwen’s old room/her new room the same colour- we’d been planning on painting it a true white but leaving the very light pink (Benjamin Moore Candle White) up is definitely less work! So all that needs to be done in there is fixing the holes and a few small touch ups, which I can easily finish myself (Taylor will probably [definitely] have to do most of the ACTUAL painting in the other room).

Today I am 29 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I had been having really terrible and unbearable PGP (pelvic girdle pain) for the past few weeks that was making it very hard to do literally anything, but this week it seems to have mostly disappeared. This is obviously because I have an appointment with my doctor today, like it’s some sort of trick my body is playing to get me to not mention to pain before it comes back again next week, full force. NICE TRY, LIGAMENTS. I’m onto you. Other pregnancy stuff: my nausea is finally, finally, finally almost completely gone, which only took two trimesters. The baby is still super active, but I’m not sure if I’ve been gaining enough weight; I don’t have a scale at home so who knows. If you recall at my last appointment in June I had actually lost weight so if I haven’t gained a proper amount this time I think the doctor will send me to get another ultrasound to ensure the baby is growing properly, so mayyyyyyybe I will have another chance to find out the sex? But if I do, will I tell anyone? WHO CAN SAY >:)

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