shop update: tiaras!

05 clear quartz crystal point tiara five
Petite Natural Clear Quartz Chunky Crystal Point Tiara

As I mentioned in my last post, I was (sort of jokingly) considering reopening my shop to try and sell some of the little crystal tiaras I’ve been making, mostly to justify buying more crystals to make more tiaras, haha. I figured “what the heck, just do it” and so for now the shop is open again! I’ve listed a a handful of ready-to-ship items only (nothing custom or made-to-order), including the finished tiaras I currently have in stock.

07 clear quartz crystal point tiara seven
Petite Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Point Tiara with Copper Wire (sold)

Each of these tiaras is completely handmade by me with the utmost care. I select each crystal carefully to create a cohesive and unique design for each piece, and take great consideration with the wire wrapping to achieve the delicate look of the tiaras without sacrificing strength and structural integrity. And they have ’em! I’ve messed up a few times and had to take a nearly-complete tiara apart and start over from scratch and LET ME TELL YOU it is not easy to disassemble these! That being said they are not a toy and should not be worn or played with by unsupervised children, and care should be taken in the handling and storage of the tiaras to ensure they don’t get bent or broken.

06 clear quartz crystal point tiara six
Tiniest Petite Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Point Tiara

You can find them all in the new “tiaras” section in my shop; currently there are just two available because they’ve actually been selling kind of quickly, but you can get notified of when new pieces are listed by liking my facebook page or following me on instagram. The tiaras currently available have natural, unpolished clear quartz crystal points, and I only have enough left to make three or four more so if this is the look you like don’t wait on ordering! I have more crystals on the way but they are a different colour and I don’t know when/if I’ll have the clear ones again.

04 clear quartz crystal point tiara four
Petite Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Point Tiara (sold)

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