sick days

Gwen is mostly on the mend from her HF&M disease, but I keep getting sicker and sicker. I can’t stop coughing and sneezing and groaning horribly, and in a super weird twist no matter how many mugs of cinnamon tea with apple and/or honey whisky I drink I continue to feel awful. I JUST DON’T GET IT. Today I had to make the huge bummer decision of cancelling the girls’ birthday party on Saturday afternoon; I just don’t feel up to playing hostess, even to our families, this weekend At All. Instead we’re going to have a birthday pancake breakfast for Sym on Saturday morning and a birthday dinner for Gwen on Tuesday evening.

Hopefully I will get over this miserable cold soon and be able to enjoy what’s left of autumn in the weeks to come. I missed most of it; the rough end of my pregnancy followed by the last four weeks of c-section recovery didn’t afford a lot of opportunities for long walks in the forest to admire the foliage. I’ve definitely been getting a little stir crazy and will take any excuse to just get outside, like on Monday when I went and bought a new broom and spent an hour sweeping and scooping and spraying all the dirt and leaves off the stairs, a chore I normally avoid like the plague. In retrospect it probably wasn’t the best choice to make, health-wise, but the stairs look great!













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