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Happy first Friday in December! I’m hoping to take the kids to the tree-lighting down on Robson Street tonight but it is pouring with rain rn and idk if I want to deal with wet, crabby kids, so we might just stay home and decorate our own tree instead.

WHO WATCHED SEARCH PARTY omg I loved this show so much.

I want to make this cake for Christmas dessert.

Parks Canada is giving away FREE ADMISSION PASSES for 2017 (if you can get the danged website to load, I’ve been trying for AN HOUR already, trapped on the billing & shipping address page).

My friend tweeted these grey velvet sweatpants at me because she knows I have a very strong grey sweatpants personal brand. TRAGICALLY they were sold out in my size in Canada but I persevered and checked back every day until they came back in stock.

As someone who started going grey at 17 and a few years ago supremely embraced the grey hair lifestyle, and ALSO has an autoimmune disease (which is thankfull in remission) this video rly resonated with me.

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