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It’s taken most of the week but we are finally settled back into our apartment! Well, mostly settled back in. I figured having to pack everything up was the perfect excuse to put things back DARE I SAY mindfully? So rather than just dumping all our stuff and knick-knacks and what-have-yous out all willy-nilly I’m slowly going through it all, and making everyone else slowly go through their stuff as well. So while the large pieces of furniture are all back in place we do still have a few boxes, bins and baskets to sort out. Hopefully I can get it all finished up this weekend… and then it’ll be time to sort out our storage room. The spring cleaning this year is INTENSE.

I made yogurt this week! Our slow cooker has a yogurt setting and we had some organic milk that was about to expire, so rather than let it go to waste I figured I’d try my hand at yogurt making. This post helped me troubleshoot some problems and in the end it turned out out perfect (and delicious!).

Fairly confident I will be buying Nicky these shortalls.

Gwen is very into taking care of her baby dolls right now, and this cute toy highchair will be just right for them- plus it’s on sale right now!

The mysterious Jeff Goldblum food truck.

How adorable is this set of bamboo toddler dishes? I really like the blue & green bear but they are also available in pink & purple cat.

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