little star

I can’t help it if I make a scene
Stepping out of my hot pink limousine
I’m turning heads and I’m stopping traffic
When I pose, they scream
And when I joke, they laugh

I’ve got a pair of eyes that they’re getting lost in
They’re hypnotized by my way of walking
I’ve got them dazzled like a stage magician
When I point, they look
And when I talk, they listen

Well, everybody needs a friend
And I’ve got you, and you, and you
So many I can’t even name them!
Can you blame me? I’m too famous!

Haven’t you noticed that I’m a star?
I’m coming into view as the world is turning
Haven’t you noticed I’ve made it this far?
Now everyone can see me burning
Now everyone can see me burning
Now everyone can see me burning

I picked Georgie up from the groomer’s this afternoon with her new haircut and walking home you have NEVER seen such a big fuss made over a small dog. I think next time I’ll go a lil less round on her face, and of course the hair on her body/back is shorter than I’d like but overall I’m so happy and I think she looks so cute. And she still looks like herself, which is what I was most worried about. She’s still Georgie, just with a new summer aesthetic.

song lyrics from “Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star)” from Steven Universe, which is basically Georgie’s theme song.

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  1. She is always adorable, but now she looks Beyond Gorgeous………but I was not aware that you had purchased for er a hot pink limousine. Cool.

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