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Like a lot of people right now, we are cooking more meals at home. I’ve actually made a big effort over the past few months/the last year maybe? to actually meal plan and properly grocery shop so this hadn’t been a HUGE change for us, but we were the kind of people who would often pop out to the grocery store a few times a week for a forgotten ingredient, or scrap the nights plan entirely and get takeout instead. So it’s definitely been a bit different than our normal way of life. I also think we need to shift or meal planning and grocery shopping to a different day because we have been doing it on Sunday which is like… the WORST day to go shopping, especially now.

ANYWAY. One thing that’s been hard for us and maybe others as well is getting EXTREMELY bored with making too many of the same meals and feeling uninspired. I’ve been loving seeing people’s meal plans & food pics to inspire my own so I thought I would share some of what we’ve been making lately. Obviously this isn’t EVERY dinner from the past month, just an assortment with a couple extras (breakfast pizza, soft pretzels) thrown in.

this recipe is from a cookbook, not the internet but I think you can figure out how to make it
one of my yolks broke but this was, honestly, perfection
Taylor made this all by himself because I was OVER IT that day.
making soft pretzels doubles as a family-friendly activity for almost all ages.
this was good but the sauce made the (previously crispy) cauliflower soggy so if I make it again it’ll be a dipping sauce instead

What have you been coming lately! Share your meal plans & favorite recipes with me!

* 1-3 of my kids would not eat any of this meal except for plain carb/carb + cheese

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