Where the Magic Happens

Until I get the library set up properly with space for a desk, right now I do all my fine artwork at the dining room table. I used to do it at the kitchen island so this is actually a step up! This is what it basically looks like at any given time, but especially this morning.

Art Table
a a jar of buttons. This is out because last week I was using one of the buttons to trace the small circle onto my light cover template
b the tulips I bought last week, now fully open. I had to cut them really short because they kept flopping over. What is the trick again to keep tulips standing up? I thought it was putting a penny in the vase but that didn’t work
c my Paradise Birds salt & pepper shakers and a bottle of soya sauce. This IS the dining table after all
d a moleskine. I think this is actually Taylor’s- mine is on the other side of the flowers
e tubes of titanium white and azo pink acrylic paint
f a little gladware container with mixed green paint. I used 4 different shades for the background on my current painting; they’re all in there
g a storage box with like, 50 cookie cutters in it (I use them to trace the hearts in the background). This is just my warm-coloured cookie cutters, I have another box of cool coloured ones O__o
h a package of carbon paper, for tracing images onto the canvas board
i the small unicorn picture for tracing
j a little gladware container with mixed pink paint. I used 3 different shades for the unicorn on my current painting; they’re all in there.
k the pink unicorn painting in progress!
l a plastic placemat that I use, mostly unsuccessfully, to keep paint off the table
m my eensy-weensy fiddly paintbrush
n sunglasses
o a tube of hooker’s green acrylic paint
p cellphone, for important calls

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