Wanted: More Hours in the Day

I’m having a hard time staying posi today. I’m feeling that between working 50 hours a week, parenting and trying to spend time with my oppositely-scheduled husband, I don’t have any time for ME. I haven’t been to the gym in weeks. Taylor and I were going together but his injured knee put a stop to that, and I’m really not happy with the shape I’m in right now. Although work is going well, as I mentioned yesterday, today I am resentful that I have to work at all.

In my dream life, I would take Sym to school, go to the gym with Taylor when he’s done work (apparently my dream life is realistic about him still working night shifts), spend the rest of the morning and the afternoon painting or sewing and making the house nice, before picking Sym up at 3 and making a delicious, not hastily-thrown together meal. Then I could have a nice relaxing evening with my family instead of rushing to try to get dinner on the table (last night we didn’t eat until almost 7:30!) and feeling guilty about not going to work out.

Clearly I need to find either more hours in the day OR more money in my bank account. At this point, though, neither seems likely.

Anyway so this post isn’t all sulking I wanted to say GO KELSEY GO! Kelsey Serwa, Taylor’s cousin, is racing in Women’s ski cross today and she is KILLING IT. She was 4th in the qualifying runs this morning and I just watched her heat in the 1/8 finals and she was way ahead of the other racers the whole way down the run. EDIT: Same thing in her 1/4 final heat! She is amazing! EDIT: Oh no eliminated in the semi final! 🙁 FINAL EDIT: Kelsey came first in the small final, which places her fifth, but Canada’s Ashleigh McIvor won gold! YAY CANADA!

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