Only Awesome Things

I’m still in a pretty low place, but last night and today I’ve been really trying hard to stay posi. I’m going to focus only on good things in this post.

• Symphony had piano last night. She’s been taking lessons since mid-September and they are going really well (as in, I’m NOT wasting $100 a month on them). Yay!
• After dropping her off at her dad’s house I bought two huge bags of vegetables and made a giant salad for dinner.
• Then I drank a beer and watched figure skating (Joannie Rochette!) while I worked on my latest fine art project:
Mecha-Fawn (in progress)
Mecha-Fawn! (Still a work in progress, obviously.) Please note the rocket feet. I LOVE IT!
• Earlier that afternoon I realized I didn’t have any grey acrylic paint, so I called Symphony’s dad and asked him to stop by the art supply store near his work and asked him to pick me up a tube. I think it’s pretty cool that even though a lot of our relationship was a disaster and our split was NOT amicable, nowadays we’re good enough friends that we can ask each other for favours like that.
• This morning I had a new client start graduated entry. Sometimes it can be REALLY awkward- on the first day the parent and child both stay for two hours, so I have to do all my regular child care stuff while also making conversation with a near-stranger who has decided to trust me with their baby. It actually went really well though, it wasn’t awkward hanging out with the mom and her little baby is so cute and funny. I’m really looking forward to working with them!
• I’m wearing my favorite jeans. A few weeks ago they sadly developed holes in the seat, but I took them to Simdy’s Fashion Alterations by my house to get patched up. I picked them up last night and OH MY GOD the work is incredible. I mean, look:
Patched Up Jeans
You can’t even see where the holes were! Amazing. I also appreciate that according to their website they are “conviently located in Downtown Vancouver,” because that’s exactly what I always say about myself. Except I know how to spell conveniently.
• I got my Cassandra Warren-designed business cards in the mail, as well as a little crochet heart and knitted flower pin from Molly Knight Crafts and The Hero Complex. They were sending little gifts to all their e-friends who donated to Haiti, how sweet is that?
• Right now, like literally this second, I’m eating some awesome McCain Superfries.
• Tonight I’m going to make a healthy and delicious dinner of chicken & veggies and Taylor, Symphony and I are going to watch Spirited Away. I love that movie and Sym has never seen it- when she was younger she thought it was too scary, but she LOVED Ponyo so I think she’ll really like it.
EDIT! • I just discovered that yesterday today (why do I keep thinking it’s Thursday?) my children’s living room was posted on Ohdeedoh! How cool is that??

7 Replies to “Only Awesome Things”

  1. Sorry that you are under the weather>>>> I’m proud of you and Clay and your ” friend” relationship… Sym has benefited from you both. Keep up the good work!!! Maybe your holiday will help the blahs…

      1. No problem! Now, please tell me that you’ll sell me one of the pink unicorns that you’re painting! It’s adorable (and I don’t usually like ‘adorable’ so that’s saying a lot)!!

      2. No problem! Now, please tell me that you’ll sell me one of the pink unicorns that you’re painting! It’s adorable (and I don’t usually like ‘adorable’ so that’s saying a lot)!!

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