Spring Break!

Me & Sym

Just for Symphony though, I’m still working. Right now all the daycare kids are napping so she and I watched The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning and then I helped her build a hedge maze on Farmville. And YES, I said ALL the daycare kids are napping, even M, the new baby who started last week and cried all day every day. Her mom spent the whole weekend working on getting M to nap by herself and I don’t know what she did or how she did it, but it WORKED. Amazing! She definitely deserves a Mom Medal!

You can also kind of see in that picture that I’m wearing earrings (which I usually don’t). I just got these in the mail today from my mom as a belated birthday gift. She got them in Guadalajara and forgot to give them to me in person when she visited the other week. I think they are amethyst, which would make sense since it’s my birthstone.

Birthday Earring

We had a pretty fun weekend around here. On Saturday morning it was really sunny so we went to the park to play badminton until it got too windy. After lunch we went shopping for some shorts for Sym and myself since we’ve both outgrown all of last summer’s and we need them to wear in Hawaii in A WEEK AND A HALF. Later Sym went to her dad’s and Taylor and I read (me) and napped (him). Once I was able to wake him up we went out for Mongolian BBQ and after, came home and watched Weird Science, a movie that is definitely not as awesome as it was when I was ten!


Love this sequined dress and enormous hair combination though.

On Sunday we had a few more errands to run but I got totally distracted in Winners looking at RAINBOW KNIVES. “Rainbow” is the theme in our kitchen and most of our knives were super old, cheap and not particularly sharp so I ended up replacing them all (except for two inexplicable Henkel knives Taylor had).

Rainbow Steak Knives
Rainbow Knives

(also pictured, Sharky the Shark Knife, which I got at Target last year)

I also got these salad hands, which make me feel like a Muppet Babies version of Wolverine.

Salad Hands

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    1. Most of the knives are made by an Italian company called Brandani, although I’m not sure where you can buy them. EDIT: I just searched and it looks like they’re really only available on ebay.

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