Spring Break! Day Two

Symphony & Mr Pole

Because baby M naps in Sym’s room, separately from the other kids, at lunchtime I asked Sym to go pick out the toys and things she wanted to bring out to the living room for the afternoon. Today she chose a pillow from her bed, a My Little Pony book, and three toys: the tadpole mascot pictured above, a different tadpole mascot that has legs (both from the Aranzi Aronzo Cute Book, although I altered the legged tadpole pattern slightly), and her favorite stuffed puppy from when she was a baby.

Symphony w/Coloured Puppy, Mr Tad and Mr Pole

It’s very hard to get a picture of her not moving and/or making a weird face, so I gave up and gave her this rainbow-ribbon-stick thing. Her grandma gave us six of them and so far they have proved very useful for entertaining little kids, playing with the cat and also just being rainbows.

Sym & Rainbow RibbonSym & Rainbow Ribbon
Sym & Rainbow Ribbon
Sym & Rainbow RibbonSym & Rainbow Ribbon
Sym & Rainbow RibbonSym & Rainbow Ribbon

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  1. Hi! Sym I thought you might like the sticks.. I used to play with something like that when I was much younger… Two or three years ago lol

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