So It Begins

I was kind of wondering how long it would take for my new desk to get a bunch of random crap piled on it, and the answer is ONE WEEK.

Messy Desk

Sunglasses, a giant novelty-size calculator, the notebook I keep my daycare waiting list in, Symphony’s second term report card (straight MFs except for one M in phys ed), five necklaces of hers I’m trying to untangle, her wallet, some hair clips and discs, and two new vinyl toys I got this past weekend.

Catalina Estrada Dunny & Cactus Pup

On the left is a KidRobot Dunny from the ~Fatale~ line. I keep buying them because one is a unicorn but so far I’m having no luck finding it! This one is cool though, it was designed by Catalina Estrada, who is actually one of my favorite artists! On the right is a grey Tokidoki Cactus Pup that Symphony gave to me because she already has this one and she knows I like grey.

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    1. I got it backwards- it’s actually FM and it stands for “Fully Meets Expectations.” The other grades are N- Not Yet Meeting Expectations, A- Approaching/Minimally Meeting Expectations, M- Meeting Expectations, and E- Exceeds Expectations.

      1. I don’t think that’s a straight-up Canada thing, because those gradings didn’t exist for me. But they totally make sense, anyhow

        1. I think they changed the grading system for elementary school students to make them less negative. When I was Sym’s age the grades were like, G for Good, S for Satisfactory and D for Dissatisfactory.

          FYI I always got straight Gs with an S in phys ed.

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