Date Night Report- Happy Anniversary & Weekend Recap

On Saturday Taylor and I decided to go out for a belated anniversary celebration. Our actual anniversary was during our trip on the 21st, and while we did celebrate it in Hawaii (I’ll post about that tomorrow) we couldn’t really do anything really romantic with Symphony in tow!


We chose dinner at The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe, the same restaurant we went to for my birthday. It’s only a few blocks from our house and I’m glad because I was EXHAUSTED! I spent the afternoon running around Home Depot to get background paint for Elina’s mural (I can’t wait to start painting!) and had to rush home to meet Symphony’s stepmom because her dad was stuck at some fighting tournament he was helping organize or something, I don’t even know. ANYWAY after that Taylor went to the gym and I laid down to read and promptly fell asleep! When he came back he asked how my nap was and I think I said “I’M STILL NAPPING TURN OUT THE LIIIIIIGHT.” Our reservation was for 7:45 and I don’t think I got up until 7:15! Luckily my hair looks just fine slept on so I just had to throw on some makeup (and pants) and I was ready.

I have to say that dinner was a little awkward at first. I still had that weird, disoriented and dehydrated afternoon nap feeling, and our waitress wasn’t very good- but just with us, which made us kind of uncomfortable. After we were seated it took FOR.EVER. for her to come over and ask us if we wanted still or sparkling water (which she never brought anyway), and then she went to the couple on my left and told them the specials and went to the group on my right and told them the specials BUT SHE NEVER TOLD US THE SPECIALS until after we got our wine. I have to say that once you do start ordering things there it all comes really quickly and was delicious, but just like our last visit, it really got off to a slow start.

Anyway. Enough complaining! We ended up splitting a bottle of sauvignon blanc and to start Taylor had an adorable mini (and I do mean mini, it was practically doll-sized) French onion soup and I had a green salad with poached pears, hazelnuts and panko-crusted goat cheese. For our mains Taylor had steak & frites (again!) and I had the Station 7 burger (classy I know), and for dessert he had sticky toffee pudding and I had this delicious trifle consisting of layers of vanilla, chocolate and marshmallow creme. So yummy! One of the owners brought us complimentary glasses of port (I assume to make up for the crummy start to our service), I had never had port before and it was like someone made butter out of fruit and turned it into alcohol. Taylor ended up drinking mine for me, haha.

The awkwardness also passed and we had a great conversation about books and cartoons, laughed about the guy next to us who confused Don Draper with Don Cheadle (how is that even possible???) and also had some serious future relationship discussion (including a talk about his concerns about the possibility of us having a baby at some point, concerns that may have made me say “vagina” too loudly in the restaurant. Oops). In the end it was a really lovely evening and a perfect celebration of our first year of marriage 🙂

Wedding of the Century

As for the rest of the weekend it had some good parts (getting to hold Symphony’s friend Ali’s pet degu’s brand-new one day old babies), some bad parts (Dougal peed in Taylor’s shoe), some less-lazy-than-normal parts (I actually went to the gym!) and now I’m into the melancholy part. Symphony has gone to bed and Taylor is sleeping as well. He has to go back to work tonight for the first time since the 17th, and I’m going to miss sleeping next to him. His night shifts never really get any easier. He had to take two extra days off for our trip to work, but now because he was off for so long he’s probably going to work Good Friday to “earn” back a vacation day (which he’ll probably never use anyway). So now I have a four-day weekend coming up (I have Friday and Monday off) but he just has a regular old two-day weekend instead. Oh well, I guess I’ll take what I can get!

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