Maui Vacation: Beach Day #2 & Happy Actual Anniversary

Yes, I am aware that I have two posts in a row partially titled “Happy Anniversary.” It really was though!

March 21st
Originally we’d planned to go for dinner to celebrate, but instead we went for breakfast at the Five Palms at Mana Kai, where we had breakfast on our wedding day last year. It’s located right next to the beach, so it was the perfect place for us! We all ended up having pancakes: the plain kid’s pancakes for Symphony, macadamia nut pancakes for me, and an apple-banana & cinnamon plantation-style pancake for Taylor. We also shared a quartered Maui pineapple as a sort of started (the plantation pancake takes 20 minutes), and I swear you have never eaten pineapple until you’ve had it really fresh like that. So. Delicious!

Anniversary Pic, by Sym
Symphony took this picture of the two of us, which is actually better than the ones we took of each other.

Me (and my sunburned cleavage) Colouring
This really shows off my sunburn and the star-shaped tanline on my chest from leaving my necklace on during beach day #1. Not cool, me.

Taylor at Brunch
I don’t even know what this face is. At least Symphony can look nice in pictures!

Symphony at Brunch

Oh wait…
I Don't Even Know

After breakfast we headed straight for the beach.
Symphony in the Waves

We’d already loaded the car (with less stuff this time) and driven over so we just had to go to the parking lot to retrieve our beach things. That was fortunate because it was way busier than any of the other days we spent there and we had to walk much further down to find a good spot. Happily, it wasn’t nearly as windy this time but like the previous evening, the waves were really big. Taylor and I both got churned up in the breakers a couple times. What we didn’t get was more sunburnt, well, I didn’t. Taylor got a LITTLE more burnt, but I have no idea why, since we upped our SPF and had a reapplication timer going. I guess he’s just doomed to burn!

We spent the afternoon mostly just lazing around the condo, although we did go into Kihei for some souvenir shopping. Taylor got a terrible Hawaiian shirt for his mom, but there was a two-for-one special so he figured he’d get one for himself as well.
When in Rome

At 5:30 we headed down to Paipu Beach in Wailea, where we were married, to watch the sunset.

Paipu Beach
Symphony on Paipu Beach
Symphony on the Shore
A Rare Instance of Taylor NOT Making a Weird Face
With his camera in hand, as usual.
Tanie in the surfCanon spokes model
My hair was a sick mess the whole trip, and I SWEAR I am wearing shorts here, they’re just really… short.
Sunset on Paipu Beach

Later that evening, Taylor tried to take pictures of the lizards that lived under the air conditioner on the lanai at our condo but I scared the away by banging my head against the window for some inexplicable reason. I think I was trying to see around some pipes and forgot there was glass there. One of the weird translucent gecko-y ones almost fell in my hair!

Next Up: The Road to Hana

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