Maui Vacation: The Road to Hana Pt 1 (Warning: IMAGE HEAVY)

March 22nd

Before we left for our trip I had some people say to me “Ugh, the road to Hana? Don’t even bother! You drive and drive and drive and then you get to Hana and there’s nothing there.” They made it sound like it was some sort of trick, but I think they missed the point- the road to Hana isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.

The Way There...

At first glance on a map, the road doesn’t look so bad. I mean sure, it’s a little winding, but Google Maps says it’s only a two hour drive from our condo! What that map doesn’t show is that the road is actually ABSURDLY winding, with dozens of single-lane bridges, blind corners, falling rocks and other hazards like MORON DRIVERS who stop dead in the middle of one of the aforementioned one-lane bridges to take a picture, or come blaring up behind you, trying to pass on one of those blind corners.

I know I’m not really doing a good job of selling this thing, so I’m just going to post pictures to show how truly lovely it is. That side of the island is the “weather” side, so it’s basically a lush jungle-y rainforest of greenery, bright flowers and waterfalls.
Taylor on the Road to Hana
This was the first place we stopped. I climbed down the ravine a little and peed behind a tree, haha.

Symphony in the Rainforest
Symphony was less than thrilled. We actually had a huge fight a little later on the drive about her Attitude Problem.
Symphony in the Rainforest
Waterfall on the Road to Hana
Taylor in a Puddle
That’s my Coke can. I didn’t leave it there.
This might be the best picture of me from the whole trip.

Traffic by a Treacherous Cliff
The guy in the lead car had to get out and move a big chunk of fallen rock off the road.

On the Road to Hana
Symphony on the Road to Hana
Taylor on the Road to Hana
On the Road to Hana
Taylor on the Road to Hana
Symphony-style eye-squinking.

Waianapanapa State Park

We stopped at Waianapanapa State Park for lunch, but not before checking out the black sand beach and lava tube.

Symphony on the Black Sand Beach
“This beach has dark grey sand, not black.” MY LITTLE LITERALIST.
Taylor on the Black Sand Beach
Notice anything? NO CAMERA.
Black Sand Beach at Waianapanapa State Park
Symphony by the Black Sand Beach
The Ocean from the Lava Tube
The light in the lava tube was really cool, there were all these little chinks and holes in the ceiling so it was actually quite bright.
Sym in the Lava Tube
Taylor and Sym in the Lava Tube
Trees at Waianapanapa State Park
Taylor and Sym at Waianapanapa State Park
Picnic at Waianapanapa State Park
All the picnic tables were filled with old people tour groups so we ate on the grass.
The park was full of mongooses. Mongeese? I’d never seen one before, I thought they were bigger than this. They are about ferret-sized. We saw one get in a fight with some birds.
Waianapanapa State Park
Taylor at Waianapanapa State Park
These rocks were not fun to sit on.
There were dudes out at the ends of these rocks fishing. We probably would have walked further out except it wasn’t appropriate for Sym.
This guy is clearly CRAZY!!
Waianapanapa State Park
Taylor at Waianapanapa State Park
There is a blowhole in these cliffs, a place where the waves rush in under the rocks and spray up through the hole. It wasn’t blowholing but you could hear the waves booming and echoing. It was kind of freaky. It had a sign saying “CAUTION BLOWHOLE STAND CLEAR” but everyone there went right up and looked down it.

After we were done lunch and photographing everything we had a discussion about whether we would turn back at this point or continue on to Oheo Gulch. We voted to press on, I mean, why not? When is the next time we’re going to be there, right?

to be continued…

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