Back to my Regularly Scheduled Life

Welp it’s Monday, and vacation time is really over now. I worked on Friday, but it didn’t seem like a for really-real work day. Today does though. DOES IT EVER. It’s cold and rainy, the kids are all crabby and keep hitting each other in the face, and I have a ton of stuff to do.

Even though I tried to clean up as much as possible before our trip so we wouldn’t come home to a sick mess, there was one area I really neglected: the kitchen island. I don’t use it for anything but a catch-all for things I don’t want to deal with yet, and this morning it looked like this:

A Sick Mess

WHAT. That is a disaster! I’ve been sorting through everything and it looks a bit better now, but I need to get it completely cleared off so I can start painting the canvases for Elina’s mural. Some other fun things I need to do:

• clean the hamster cage & cat box
• three loads of laundry & one of dishes
• take out all the garbage and recycling
• clean both bathrooms (ugh)
• make a 4th light cover for my kitchen fixture since another halogen bulb burnt out
• finish unpacking!

Yes, that’s right, I haven’t finished unpacking yet. Kind of ridiculous considering we got back four and a half days ago but I’m mostly done, I just need to put away some toiletries and shoes and Symphony’s clean clothes. I don’t think Taylor has unpacked anything at all! Before we left Hawaii he said most of his clothes were dirty, but he hasn’t put anything in the hamper yet. I guess when he does I’ll actually have four loads of laundry to do. Great.

I also have to help/nag Symphony into cleaning her room properly. I was in there a little while ago looking for my embroidery scissors (I have two pairs and couldn’t find either since everyone always takes my scissors and puts them in weird places. I finally know how my mother felt all the years of my childhood, haha) and every surface in the looks like the kitchen island up there! I think I got her into a bad habit by focusing on getting the floor clean enough to vacuum, because it seems like all she’s been doing is piling things on her desk, her shelves, her dollhouse… everything!

I also want to get the foyer nice and clean and tidy so I can photograph it for One Room at a Time, but right now that’s pretty low on my list. Hopefully I get to it sometime this week.

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