Sick Day Must Haves

Enormous sweatpants & a super-soft tank top.


Cardigan Uggs. These are my inside shoes.


Honey. I’m sick of drinking tea so I’ve just been mixing honey & hot water.


A water spray bottle AND a water bottle. Basically any kind of water I can put on or in my body.


Tylenol Cold Daytime & Nighttime.


My Kindle, since all I can do is lie around and read, and this way I won’t lose my place when I pass out from all the Tylenol Cold Nighttime I’m about to eat.


Not pictured: the very old sweatshirt I keep putting on and taking off, the hand towel I chilled it the freezer to drape across my poor, burning face, and my oh-so-wonderful husband, who woke up at 2:40 to pick Sym up for me since I was too sick to go across the street to the school.

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