The Final Frontier

Today I took some time to search the internet for pictures of the planets for Elina’s mural. Some of them are going to be ridiculously easy to paint.


Really, Uranus? Turquoise? That’s all you got?

Others, like Jupiter, are more complicated.


Here’s my sketch:

Jupiter Sketch

I kind of like it! The line down the middle is because I had to tape two pieces of paper together to get my actual-size diameter of 9″.

I think Earth is actually going to be the most difficult- like Jupiter it has a lot of detail, but it’s going to be much smaller and I’m not going to be able to swirl the colours together as much to get the right look. I really wanted to start working on the actual paintings today but I am sick like a dog so I’d probably end up messing them up. Instead I’m going to figure out the sizes for each planet and do more sketches. Another one I’m looking forward to is Neptune:



Anyway I’m already really enjoying this project because for some reason I’ve felt compelled to actually research each of the planets and all that big outer space stuff makes me feel existential and mindfreaked, haha.

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