Kids and a Bonus Gross Out with Worms

So today started out with another healthy dose of grossness, this time with worms. As we were walking down to the Montessori to pick up V, CT stepped on this HUGE squishy worm in the alley. It has been worm central around here this spring and this guy was a juicy one- when CT stepped on it I heard a very distinct SQUELCH. “Ew” I said, “CT, why did you step on him (he’d done it on purpose)? That was really gross!” My question were rewarded by this speech about what happens when you step on worms:

You shouldn’t step on worms because you know why? They get in you. They go in your skin and climb up your body to your mouth. They go in your throat and you choke like you’re choking. You go *barf noises* and then you throw up from choking! Which is what happens when you step on worms


CT is three and a half, one of the new kids who started at the beginning of March. I have to call him by his first name & last initial because there is another little boy, a part timer, with the same first name. These are all the other kids I have enrolled currently:

V is four years old. He’s been coming here since April of 2007 and was one of the first kids to enroll after I got my child care license. Since last fall he’s been going to the local Montessori for morning preschool, so he’s only here in the afternoon now.

CP is also three and a half. He attends part-time, usually only one or two days a week. His mom is my friend/former neighbor’s ex-fiance/babydaddy’s sister (so complicated!) which is how I met her and how her son came to be enrolled here.

K is two almost three. He is my other part timer. His mom works a weird, four-week schedule so the days she needs child care on change every month. This fluctuating schedule makes it very difficult to fill the other part of the space and I kind of regret ever agreeing to it.

B is twenty months old, and is the sweetest, funniest, smartest little toddler I know. Her mom is expecting a new baby in August (CP’s mom is also expecting in August), so I guess she’ll be leaving here, which is SO SAD because she’s such a great kid.

M is the baby, one year old. She started in March with CT, and it’s been difficult. Since she’d never been in child care/away from her mom regularly, it was a huge adjustment for her which has involved a lot of screaming. Screaming, screaming, screaming. She’s definitely more comfortable and happier being here now, but it’s been pretty rough getting to this point.

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