Happy Friday!!

I think today is going to be a double exclamation mark kind of day!!

It’s Friday, the weekend is starting, AND Fridays are an easy work day for me- baby M doesn’t come and neither part-timer is scheduled so it’s just CT, B and then V in the afternoon. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY. I swear, if every day was like this I’d NEVER complain about work.

Speaking of work, I was talking to B’s mom this morning, and when she has her baby this summer, she wants B to still be able to come here, part-time. I can fit her into the part-time space with K and CP, so I won’t lose her AND it’ll free up a full-time space for a new client. HOORAY!!

It’s sunny today. It’s supposed to get up to 18°, and while it’s not there yet I’m wearing shorts anyway!!

Awkward Shorts

Lol this picture is SO awkward but it was REALLY hard to get one without B in the shot!! Anyway it’s supposed to rain all weekend so I figured I should wear shorts while I had the chance.

Also, look at how light my hair is!! I haven’t had it coloured since the end of January, before my birthday, so there’s a good inch of natural roots. The coloured part is light enough that it all blends together pretty well and idk, I find that even though there’s mad grey in my roots, I’m not hating it. Maybe I’ll grow it all out, or maybe I’ll highlight it again but I don’t think I’m going to do all over colour anymore.

I hope you are all having a great day too!!

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