Cheap is NOT my Middle Name

It’s my first. Back in the olden times of the internet, whenever I googled myself the only results would be in Polish, and I just could not figure it out until I plugged “Tanie” into a Polish-English translator and welp, this is what you get:


Perfect. I think it’s pronounced differently (my name is like Tammy with an N, not like Janie with a T or Tawny like Tawny Kitaen) but it’s spelled exactly the same. EXACTLY.

Nowadays if you google me you get results from my twitter followers and flickr contacts, as well as the list of people who donated to Vancouver is Awesome this year, instead of a bunch of websites of cheap Polish things (you still get that if you google just my first name though). However this morning I had a blast from my cheap past- a girl I know online only tagged me in some pictures on facebook. I’ve never met her in real life- she goes to school in New York and is currently spending a semester in Prague, so I was confused as to why she’d be tagging me in pictures.

OH! She’s visited Poland! lol thanks Lindsay šŸ˜›

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