Weekend Recap with Bachelorette Party Highlights

This weekend has been hilarious!

On Friday night Rich and Jenn came over- my original invitation was for beer & Lethal Weapon, but we all ended up playing Apples to Apples with Symphony instead. I let her stay up until 11 to hang out. Bad mom! It was really funny, especially because someone kept getting mad that certain people made silly decisions when they were the judge.

Normally Symphony stays at her dad’s on Saturday nights be he had a big MMA fight so instead she went to her grandparents’ house for a spoil-fest. Grandma picked her up early Saturday morning, and after quickly getting ready I dragged Taylor out shopping with me. I had my friend Bonnie’s bachelorette party that night, and we were all supposed to wear black shirts. I only wear grey so my only black shirts are like, old faded tank tops I wear to the gym.

After going all over downtown in a futile search for a black shirt that wasn’t too skanky/tight/see-through/plain I gave up and just came home with a new rainbow-y measuring cup, a knife for cutting wavy shapes, a new garbage can for the bathroom and a cute little clutch from Club Monaco. That store drives me crazy- I worked there in 2006 before I started doing daycare and all the clothes were awful, but now that I don’t get a discount anymore every single thing is cute!

Once we got home and had something to eat, Taylor went to the gym and I started cleaning the house. I’d tidied up during the day on Friday, but somehow it got really messy again. Since most of Bonnie’s friends live in the suburbs, everyone was coming here to get ready/pregame, so I didn’t want it to be gross. As usually happens when I have limited time to clean I started a rearranging project. Since last fall I’ve had all these bits of wood and a frame from my unfinished library bookcase project lying around, and I finally decided to just scrap it. I had to heave it all out to the garbage room myself, and moving it reveal heaps of dirt and dust bunnies, but I’m glad I did it. I have some new ideas for the library, and now i can focus on other projects that I’m more interested in.

I managed to get almost everything done (Taylor finished it up after i left) by 4:45, which was good because at 5:15 I had to be across the bridge at Tantra Fitness for a pole- and lapdance class. I’ve always been kind of eh about pole dancing, and when my sister got really into it a couple of years ago I was not impressed. Well, let me tell you, I TAKE IT ALL BACK. It was so fun, and even the small amount of stuff we did kicked my upper body’s butt! My arms, shoulders and chest are super sore today. I am definitely considering going back and taking some actual classes there.

Before we left the gym we had a visit from the police- oh wait, I mean the exotic dancer in a cop outfit. Now, I’d never seen a male stripper before, only lady strippers, so I was kind of worried it would be really awkward, which it was, but it was also hilarious and kind of fun. I’m glad I wasn’t one of the women singled out to undo buttons or pull of boxer briefs, but I did definitely have a close encounter of the genital kind. And that’s aaaaaaall I’m saying about that!

We came back to my place just after seven- Taylor had gone out for drinks with an old friend so it was just us. Everybody had drinks (including shots of Baja Rosa, apparently this portion of the evening took place in 1999) and food and then got changed out of our pole dancing clothes into our club outfits. Since I hadn’t been able to find a black top I just ended up wearing a black dress over my jeans, haha. Bonnie wore a white shirt with a ~bachelorette~ sash and tiara. The SUV limousine picked us up, and we spent the next our driving around the city, drinking champagne and woo-ing. Taylor and his friend we one the patio of a sports bar near our house and they actually heard us go by!

At ten the limo dropped us off at the club, where we were given the world’s teeniest VIP area and a bottle of champagne. I don’t really like clubs but I still had an okay time. There were definitely lots of creeps there though! Luckily I’m like, skeezy nightclub dude Kryptonite so unlike most of the other girls I didn’t get danced up on. Oh, and there were girls on the dance floor with no shoes on. WHO DOES THAT? Ugh, so gross. Later on I had a huge panic moment- our VIP area was at the top of the stairs on and I dropped my new clutch (with my phone, keys and super-expensive Balenciaga wallet inside) down a gap between them and the railing. It went all the way down to the bottom floor and by the time I got down there it was gone! Fortunately the coat check girl had picked it up and I got it back but holy close call!! Also fortunately nothing inside got broken because I’d brought a little dish towel to help open the champagne in the limo and it cushioned everything.

The limousine picked us back up at one and we all came back here for more food and drinks and so everyone could pick up their stuff. Taylor was home but passed out in all his clothes in the bed- apparently he drank a pitcher and a half of beer, which is not usual for him. All the girls left at two and I tried to wake Taylor up to go get poutine but he was too unconscious. Then I tried cleaning up but I was too drunk to deal with half-full cups of vodka & grape juice. Ew! I ended up just leaving everything where it was and going to bed myself.

This morning Taylor and I both woke up around ten. I’d managed to wake him up enough to drink a bunch of water the night before but I didn’t drink any myself so I was really hungover. I drank a ton of water when I got up but the food and drinks from the night before grossed me out so much I threw up! So lame. However after that and a quick shower I feel much better and was able to o get some much-needed coffee and Advil. Taylor had plans to go meet his moms for lunch at the airport- they were flying home to Kelowna from San Diego and had a couple of hours between flights.

Unfortunately our lunch took a terrible downturn- right when we met up with them they got a text message about an emergency- it turned out that Taylor’s stepmom’s father had had a heart attack and was on life support but not expected to make it. Not the sort of news you ever want to get! He is in a hospital here in the Lower Mainland but they decided to go back home anyway and come back tomorrow.

They left to catch their flight and Taylor and I headed back downtown, although first we had the horrific discovery that the train which only cost $2.50 to get to the airport from downtown cost $7.50 to get back! What a rip off! The trip back sucked especially hard because I was less recovered from my hangover than I’d previously thought and we had to get off halfway home so I could visit a gas station washroom. Lovely.

That and the sad news at lunch aside, this weekend was super fun. I wasn’t really looking forward to the bachelorette party (I have kind of a hate/jealousy relationship with them, hate because I don’t usually have a good time at them and jealousy because I didn’t get to have one!) but it turned out to be a blast, seeing our friends on Friday night was great and I got to spend lots of time with Taylor, which is always my favorite đŸ™‚

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