Date Night Report: Late Morning + Afternoon Edition

Steamy Glasses
Steamy glasses at The Templeton for brunch. Taylor had mangled eggs & coffee, I had huevos rancheros & ruby red grapefruit juice. I loooooove having brunch there (their eggs are the MOST DELICIOUS in the city I swear) but it’s usually really busy we end up going to Glowbal or Cafe Crepe, so it was nice to get a spot at the counter. We always end up having chatty cathy convos with the staff and other diners- today was a discussion about how I need to take my vitamins so I don’t get sick all the time (I haven’t mentioned it but YES, I am currently sick AGAIN) and this awful story about the drummer from You Say Party WE Say Die collapsing on stage and dying from a brain hemorrhage last weekend.

After brunch we were going to come straight home (remember, I am sick, and yesterday’s trip to the art supply & Japanese $2 stores almost destroyed me), but I felt well enough so instead we decided to go to the Blim Monthly Market at the Heritage Hall on Main street, where I bought these stupidly cute buttons from Roxypop.
Roxypop Pins

After leaving the market we went further up Main to Voltage, looking in some gift/baby/housewares stores on the way (at one of them I found the M-Cups I was looking for, D’OH! but if I hadn’t ordered them from UO I wouldn’t have gotten the dress or feather rug or all the extras from Marissa so it’s cool). It was fun- whenever we are out in different neighborhoods we always say we should go check out these cool little shops but we never do. At Voltage we got some blind box toys and zipper pulls and I bought a book of Joe Ledbetter‘s paintings.
Creatures of Habit
Symphony and I both have vinyl Unicornasauruses- I think mine is the grey one (quelle surprise) and hers is yellow.
Toys Toys Toys

We also wandered through lots of side streets between the train station and the hall looking at houses, and Taylor told me what sort of house he would want. He’d rather stay in the city (HAHAHAHA AS IF WE COULD EVER AFFORD THAT) and he prefers old heritage houses with big trees. I told him that the houses I like in North Vancouver are old heritage houses with big trees but that “North” modifier is just unacceptable to him.

City Hall
City Hall.

Weeping Angels behind City Hall
Weeping Angels ooohhhhh nooooooooo.

Anyway once we got home I started to feel pretty crumby again so now I’m going to go take more Advil and go read in bed with this cat.
Belly rubs
Don’t let her horrified expression fool you- she loves belly rubs.

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  1. i love the unicornasaurususus! they are so adorable!
    kinda unrelated, but what do you think of flowerbomb??

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