Remember when I went to a bachelorette party and dropped my purse down three flights? And I thought everything inside survived unscathed? Turns out that wasn’t exactly correct, which I discovered last week when I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out a handful of phone pieces. This is what my phone is supposed to look like:

Sony Ericsson S500i White/Copper

And this is what it actually looked like:
Broken PhoneBroken Phone
In the fall the bottom piece of the faceplate broke off, and some things (I don’t even know what they were) fell out. Additionally, almost all the keys are cracked and the part of the back next to the charger plug was cracked off. It still worked, but it looked ugly.

Before I had this phone, a Sony Ericsson S500i in white & copper, I had the exact same phone in black & green, and I loved that phone. Until I stepped on it on New Year’s Eve and cracked the screen, which developed these red streaks that made it look like the phone was bleeding. It still worked, but it looked ugly.

So yesterday Taylor and I were looking at my identical-but-for-the-colour-and-damage phones. The white one had a perfect screen, but the casing and keys were disintegrating. The black one’s casing was in perfect condition but the screen was a mess. We figured I had nothing to lose by taking them both apart, and after some quick internet research Taylor discovered that replacing the screen should be a piece of cake- which it was. We just had to pull the faceplates off, unclip & unplug the screens (I did this with my fingernails), switch the white phone’s intact screen with the black phone’s cracked one, and snap the faceplates back into place (this turned out to be the hardest part). Now I have my favorite black phone back, with a non-bloodsoaked screen!

Of course, now that I have my old phone back, I also have all my old custom ring tones and alarm sounds, all my old contacts in my phonebook (there are people in this phone I don’t think I’d talked to for years before I even had It) and best of all, all my old pictures that I forgot to save to my computer before switching to the white phone.

Old-school no-beard Taylor; Kichou in the dark.
Six-year-old Symphony; some woman on a bench- I think she was wearing a half-slip as a tube dress, two different shoes and foam rollers in her hair.
Dougal lying all sexy in the bed; some man in a thong lying all sexy in the park.
Taylor trying not to laugh at the thong-man; a little girl I used to look after.
Taylor buying coffee at an unfamiliar Starbucks; smiley-face sandwich
Symphony and Kichou washing their feet together
An enormous haired & bearded man; Scandinavian Sweetie Halloween costume
Viking Vixen & Barbarian Babe Halloween costumes (these were all the same costume, just with different packaging)
Two faces of Taylor: weird & melancholy
Best Friends; Famine Hygiene Products
What happens if I don’t shut the bathroom door completely.
Dougal’s creepy mouth; New Zealand: Take your mum.
I couldn’t figure what beach this was, but then I saw in the properties that the picture was taken on March 21st, 2009. It’s Keawakapu Beach in Maui, and this is the last phone picture I took as an unmarried woman, haha. Also: Taylor’s hair curls.
Super greasy hair + deep V. sex.
Britney Spears concert; “nippy” cheese
My hairdresser’s mean dog; Sea of Shoes fan window display at Holt Renfrew (high-end dept. store) that I lolled about
Some strangers’ butts in shorts, I don’t even know. Also Dougal winking and saying “heyyyyyyyy.”

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