The Jupiter Crash

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days because I’ve been working almost exclusively on my Jupiter painting.

Jupiter in Progress

You can see how much progress I’ve made if you compare it to the picture I posted here– it’s on the bottom right. WOW is it ever different!!

On Saturday I also repainted Neptune (blue, it’s much more uniform/less ~swirly~ now) and Uranus (turquoise, the tube I bought is much brighter that all of my attempts at mixing my own). They and Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto are done, aside from a black outline. I after I finish Jupiter I have to give Saturn it’s rings, and Earth, the Mini Mecha-Fawn and the Sun aren’t even started yet :/ The Sun will be easy but only if it ever stops raining so I can go outside to spraypaint the magnet board!

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