Carbo Loading

All-Carb Diet

“I can’t go to Taco Bell, I’m on an ALL-CARB DIET!”

You know what’s delicious? CARBS. I love carbs. I’ve been reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and there’s one part where the author is talking about Atkins -style diets and he writes:

…two of the most wholesome and uncontroversial foods known to man- bread and pasta- acquired a moral stain that promptly bankrupted dozens of bakeries and noodle firms and ruined and untold number of perfectly good meals.

Last night I decided to make things right with bread and pasta in the only way I know how: by stuffing my face with them. I could have done some sort of spaghetti-and-garlic-bread combination, but I also wanted to incorporate another great love of mine: cheese. Inspired by a picture I saw in a general discussion forum, Tanie’s (Fried) Grilled Macaroni & Cheese Sandwich was born.

Inexplicably, I could not find a recipe for this online. This is baffling to me.

Grilled Macaroni & Cheese Sandwich

I could have actually grilled these on Taylor’s George Foreman grill but ughhhhhhh it’s too heavy to take out of the cupboard so the frying pan is my cheese sandwich weapon of choice.


For the “filling” I used Annie’s Shells and Cheddar, because I find the Annie’s cheese sauce to be stickier than Kraft Dinner’s sauce. I made it with just margarine and only the smidgiest smidge of milk- a liquidy sauce wouldn’t work for this, you want it to coat the pasta.

I pre-toasted the bread but didn’t butter it, and when I assembled the sandwiches I stacked them like thus: toast/cheese slice/mac&cheese/cheese slice/toast. I added the extra cheese to help hold the pasta in place and stick the whole thing together. Then I buttered the outsides of the bread and fried ’em up real nice over medium heat.

Grilled Macaroni & Cheese Sandwich

This is a terrible picture. Maybe one day my husband will take pictures for me with his expensive camera equipment like he is supposed to.

THE VERDICT: How was this sandwich? IT WAS FRICKING DELICIOUS. The mac & cheese and extra cheese slices were all soft and melty and the bread was crispy to perfection. I would definitely make this again and again and again. And then I would get fat but you know what? It would be worth it.

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  1. This is amazing. It needs to be submitted to

    I used to make spaghetti sandwiches when I was little.

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