Lamesville, Population: Me

Tonight I spent like, six hours running restores & repairs & rebuilds on my iPhoto Library. I’ve been noticing recently that my pictures are disappearing- first they’re there, then when I click the thumbnail to view them I get the big grey exclamation mark, then they vanish completely and all that’s left is a dotted outline that shows where a picture USED to be. Anyway the result of all my hard work was this:


Bye-bye, 787 precious memories.

I’m pretty bummed out- most of the pictures that have vanished are Sym’s baby pictures (which I think I might have on a ZIP DISK somewhere, haha) and pictures from the first couple years of my relationship with Taylor. Unfortunately, I think the damage was done BEFORE I started doing regular backups of my computer, so the ones that are gone are just… gone forever, but the ones that show a thumbnail I can save, sort of. I copied the whole “Data” file to the desktop and it’s full of little mini-versions of my pictures.


Symphony on Galiano Island, August 2008.

That’s the full size. Pretty lame, but better than the alternative, which is nothing at all.

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