Jumping Sym
It’s almost the weekend! Actually, Sym has no school today so for her it’s already the weekend.

After the iPhoto bummer last night I was expecting to spend today in a state of sad sackery BUT it’s actually been awesome.

1. Taylor came home from work early and I got to sleep next to him for a half hour before I had to get up.
2. I made double-chocolate mini-muffins this morning and they are the omnomnombomb dot com.
Mount Muffins
3. It’s a super easy work day today: no babies, just three preschool boys, except 2 came late (10:30 and 12) and one was picked up early (12:30).
4. It’s half-nice outside, so before lunch we were able to play in the backyard and it was so warm I actually had to change into shorts!
Jungle Cat
5. I did some more work on my 2 art projects: started outlining the completed planets and did more work on Saturn, and did some more work on the preliminary sketch for my next painting, which is going to be TOTALLY AWESOME.

I hope everyone out there in internet land is having a great Friday as well!!

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