Best (Fri)Day Ever

Last night I realized that today I would have the day off- for whatever reason NO KIDS were coming! Surprise long weekend? YES PLEASE. That meant I could skip running errands (grocery shopping, faxing boring paperwork, etc) last night since I’d have today to do them, plus I was able to change the hair appointment I’d booked for Saturday to today. Saturday is usually the only day I can go to the salon but I always feel bad about ditching out on Sym.

Foiled Again

I’d booked an appointment for highlights, since I don’t want to do all-over colour anymore. My lovely stylist Aleks had the genius idea of doing foils of what is basically my natural colour, and it worked out amazingl. You can still see some of the grey, but there is no line between roots and ends anymore- it’s all just blended together. This means I’ll be able to go even longer between colourings, plus the colour foils take a fraction of the time of bleach foils. This means way less time will be spent feeling guilty!

New Grey Roots
If you recall my old roots looked like this. The difference is clearly very subtle, but I love it!

Photo 508

… and so does Dougal.

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