The Perfect End to the Perfect Day (Off)

Frittata, Potatoes & Salsa

Last night was Day 2 of the Four Meals Week plan, AND it was Breakfast For Dinner Night. We had mini-frittatas (I make them in a muffin tray) with goat feta, bacon and green onions, or if you are Symphony, just bacon; rosemary-garlic potatoes (these were the undercooked potatoes from Wednesday night); and fresh-cut salsa. Verdict: DELICIOUS, although Symphony missed out because the frittatas were much better with cheese than without.

After dinner I’d promised Symphony we could go to the playground.




Taylor always takes my picture when I’m making a silly face.

Then he takes my picture when I’m laughing about it.

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  1. Most excellent silly face! Also, I bought an adorable little grey purse yesterday and you know what? I thought: Tanie! Hahaha.

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