This weekend was half awesome/half terrible.

On Friday night Taylor and I watched several hours of season three of Damages, a show which I love but can only stand to watch in marathons. Waiting a week between episodes is just too much for me! We stayed up until one but we weren’t finished yet so we watched the last two episodes this evening before Taylor went to bed. As usual the finale was INSANELY INTENSE, and since this will probably be the last season (which sucks, because Glenn Close and Rose Byrne and basically the entire cast are AMAZING) they wrapped up a bunch of storylines dating back to the first season.

Saturday was beautiful and warm and sunny and I’m happy to say I spent most of it outside, lying in the backyard and at the playground with Sym. I tried painting outside as well but it was so hot that the paint was drying on the brush, so I gave up on that and just read and played with the local doggies instead.

Yawning Kichou

Chicken Salad Pita
Chicken Salad Pita

Saturday’s lunch was another of my planned meals. The chicken salad was made with grilled chicken cut into cubes and mixed with diced tomatoes, crumbled feta and a smidge of plain yogurt for ~sandwich lubricant~. Taylor’s and mine also had onion sprouts, but Symphony’s was sproutless. One chicken breast and one (fairly small) tomato were enough for all three of us.

On Saturday evening Taylor and I went to see Exit Through the Gift Shop, this Banksy movie (possibly a documentary) about street art. I think Taylor thought I hated it, which I didn’t. Just parts of it, and some of the people in it. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but if you make a documentary (or fake documentary, or whatever) with people who come across as annoying or irresponsible or just stupid, then OF COURSE I won’t like those parts!

Anyway after the movie we came home and walked the dog, and that was when my weekend turned into poop, so I don’t really want to talk in detail about the rest of last night or 99% of today since it’ll just upset me again. I’ll just say that there are certain negative aspects of my personality that I’ve worked very hard to change in order to improve my life and the lives of those around me, and when it’s thrown in my face that I’m still the person I used to be it really, really, really hurts, especially when it’s the person whose opinion I value above all others who’s doing the throwing, and even if they apologize over and over it doesn’t UNhurt my feelings (I don’t care how run on this sentence is). It put me into a horrible depression and I may or may not have cried while doing the dishes this afternoon. Happy Mother’s Day to me, I guess:/

Enough pity party. Symphony came home from her dad’s with a giant “card” for me, really a sheet of poster board, on which she’d drawn and glued all my “favorite things.”

Happy Mother's Day

Some Littlest Pet Shops, Deery-Lou and “wacky fingers.” I’m not sure if these are my actual favorite things but it definitely made me feel better. Once Taylor went to bed we had dinner (macaroni and cheese, it’s not a meal plan night!) and watched My Neighbor Totoro, which also cheered me up. Of course now Sym is in bed and I get to spend the rest of Mother’s Day alone, cleaning the house. Huh. I guess that pity party isn’t quite over after all! Oh and did I mention I’m getting a horribly painful eye infection, like a sty or something? Yeah. Great.

As a consolation, our team won the hockey game tonight, I’m sure in no small part due to Taylor going to bed in his Canucks jersey.


4 Replies to “Fifty-Fifty”

  1. Happy Moms day Tanie!! if it is any consolation I think you are a fabulous Mom.. I have really noticed changes in you which I feel are positive… Keep up the good work and believe in yourself.. I do!!! xoxo

  2. i’m sorry you had a bummy day yesterday.
    i think you are AWESOME if that accounts for anything.
    p.s. the hair looks flyyyy.
    p.p.s. if it is a sty a warm compress can alleviate the pain.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I warm-compressed it all evening and it felt a bit better when I went to bed but today it is like OW again :/

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