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Our plan of getting up at five to get to the border early and avoid the inevitable long weekend lineup worked TOO well- we only had a half hour wait and ended up getting to Seattle at 9:30 in the morning! Since we couldn’t check into our hotel yet we spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon hanging around the Olympic Sculpture Park and eating donuts at Top Pot.

Kichou used to live in Seattle with Taylor and he was thrilled to be back
lol I’m squishing his face back
I was weak with hunger at this point and SO MAD at Taylor because he kept stopping to take pictures when I just wanted to get donuts
outside a glass-blowing place
Kichou ruins a picture by lunging at other dogs

Every time we go to Seattle we try to stay at a different hotel, and this time we went with Hotel Max, at the recommendation of a couple different people. The location was great, the price was more than reasonable, the hotel was cool and the bed was comfy. It was all perfect except for one thing: the bathroom had the world’s teeniest tiniest shower stall and no tub. I hate teeny tiny shower stalls. How are you supposed to wash yourself if the shower keeps rinsing all the soap out of your scrubby puff before you can apply it to your body? How are you supposed to shave your legs if you can’t bend over or sit down? This sounds crazy but honestly, if I’d known in advance about the terrible shower stall I might not have chosen this hotel!

Anyway, after relaxing for a little while we went shopping and had a grandma-style early bird dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. We’d basically missed breakfast AND lunch so we were starving by 4:30, and it worked out perfectly because there was no wait when we arrived, but when we left there was a huge line of swarms of prom teens waiting. I know some people don’t like The Cheesecake Factory because it’s a cheesy chain restaurant, but it was worth it jsut for the way Symphony shrieked “THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY IN SEATTLE??? THEY WENT THERE ON ICARLY!!!” when I told her (the restaurant on iCarly was actually The Cheesecake Warehouse, but same diff).

The rest of the evening was spent lazing around our room reading, napping and eating the cheesecake we’d gotten for take out and ordering pillows of the Pillow Menu (we chose not to order anything of the Spirituality Menu).



We slept in on Sunday morning and after walking Kichou we went in search of brunch. We were going to go to this place we’d been on our last visit in October, but they had a 45 minute wait, so forget that! After some wandering we ended up at the Cherry Street Coffee House, where we had delicious, huge and burning hot bacon, egg and cheese pita wraps. We both burned our mouths on them, but I think it was worth it.

the mug had English writing on the other side

At one we were meeting up at the Pike Place Market with a bunch of people from the general discussion forum I’ve mentioned before. We were supposed to be at the pig at one, but we were a little early so we stopped at the toy store (this was when we bought Symphony’s pugs).

they also had a case full of creepy Dolls-of-the-World

I’d only met one of the girls before, very briefly last February- I had my wedding shoes shipped to her house to save $100 in shipping. There’s always the possibility that these things will be weird or awkward, especially if you aren’t drinking! but it was fun. We visited the gum wall (barf) and left our mark, looked at the life-size cardboard celebs at the comic book store and then everyone got food and we hung out in the little park and watched an annoying street performer.

why. WHY.
I know some people will get this
A Picture of Us
one girl had a little instant camera

When everyone left Taylor and I did some more shopping and then went back to the hotel. We didn’t want to go out for another meal, I didn’t want anything of the room service menu, and trying to find somewhere good to get takeout from seemed like too much work. We ended up just getting junk food and lying around again. lol, we are so not cool, at the meet up everyone kept asking what we’d been doing in Seattle and we were like “… nothing.” I like doing nothing though. I do too much something all the time, I need a break!

We woke up a little earlier on Monday morning and went downstairs to the Red Fin for breakfast, and then it was time to pack up and leave. We wanted to get on a the road a little early since Taylor had to work that night (boo) and I wanted to stop at the outlet mall and Target on the way home. Both stops were really quick, and the border line was only five or ten minutes, so we were back in Canada by around two-thirty and home before three-thirty. A total travel time success!

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  1. We were just in Seattle for a week last month on vacation; I love it there! We did Top Pot, Olympic Park, the Arboretum, etc. Such a great place to wander around, and SO GREEN compared to where I live.

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