A Few New Things, One EW Thing

Yesterday I mentioned wanting to put up that stick-on mirror in my hallway, albeit with clips and not stickiness. It urned out to be too thin and flimsy to clip to the wall, so instead I had a New Project! I cut a piece of particle board (I have a bunch from the back of old Ikea bookcases) into a slightly larger rectangle, and since I was (and still am) currently painting that God of War box pink, I figured WHY NOT use the same paint for this project? A couple coats of paint, a couple coats of lacquer, peel-n-stick the mirror and BOOM.

Finished Mirror

I LOVE IT. The bright pink makes the mirror part look like weird negative space. There are only two problems with it:
1. I did the peeling and sticking on the living room floor, which is a den of dog hair, so I had to tweeze a bunch out when I was done, which was easy but annoying.
2. The particle board is curved! I stupidly put to mirror on the convex side, so it bulges out and makes you look fat. I wet the back and I have it squished under a bunch of heavy tool cases so hopefully it flattens out enough. If not I’ll have to construct some sort of frame to hold it flat.

Also last night, after dropping Sym at her dad’s, I found this cool chest of drawers in the alley where people leave stuff they don’t want.

Possibly Buggy Dresser

I wish all the tiny drawers were real but it’s actually just 3 small drawers in the top and three big ones in the bottom. I want to paint it up all cool and store my craft supplies in it, BUT I don’t want to bring it in the house until I’ve confirmed that it isn’t riddled with any sort of bugs. It was starting to rain so Taylor and I carried it down into the covered area outside the door until I can figure out what to do with it.

In other news, today was basically the GROSSEST day ever, work-wise. I normally wouldn’t post pictures of any of the daycare kids, but I’ve cropped this one to protect her identity so I could show you the SNOT ROPES this baby was producing.

You Think I's Kind of Funny But...
the arrows point to the top and bottom of the snotterfall

Sick. This happened all morning to the point where I had to change her shirt because this one was soaked through with mucus and separate her from the other kids. Anyway she developed a nasty cough and started to get glassy-eyed so I called her parents to come pick her up, and it turns out she has an ear infection. Her mom is gonna keep her home until she’s better, so no more booger baby this week!

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  1. that mirror looks AMAZING pink and i want one myself. where did you get the stick on mirror? although idk if my boyfriend would actually be down with a hot pink mirror in our apartment but OH WELL.

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