Sometimes when Taylor buys videogames, he splurges and gets the ~special edition~

Special editions generally come with some fairly useless collector’s item, like a duffel bag to put all your ill-gotten gains in (one of the Grand Theft Auto games I think) or a giant and hideous Master Chief helmet that takes up too much space on the bookshelf and gets put into storage. His most recent hideous acquisition is this sinister box, courtesy of God of War 3

Evil Box Before


Evil Box Before

Really lovely. It’s made of the highest quality faux-metal (aka plastic) and the inside is flocked in black velvet, with a false bottom to hide all your most evil and arcane possessions. Because. If you had evil and arcane possessions you needed to hide you’d use a CREEPY BOX WITH DEMON FACES ON IT. Really.

Anyway this thing is ugly as hell and there’s only one thing to do about it.

Spray Paint

I’m absurdly amused that the clear coat’s number is T1000.



Evil Box Progress

SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY! It needs a few more coats of pink before I lacquer it up, but I can’t do it inside when the kids are here so I’m waiting for a) the weekend or b) it to stop raining, whichever comes first.

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